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Attention ALL Online and Offline Marketers, Business Owners & Entreprenuers...

"Forget Traffic, Forget SEO, Forget Listbuilding, Forget Social Networking...
If You Get THIS Wrong,
You Can Kiss
Your Business GOODBYE!!"

Your Current and Future Business Success
Will Be Determined by This ONE Choice!


From Tony Laidig and Eric Farewell

Hey Fellow Entreprenuer...

Times are rapidly changing...

One has only to watch the news for five minutes to know this to be true. Those changes are not only affecting the banking industry or the stock market...they're affecting every facet of your life...including what you sell online.

One of the most asked questions I receive is one that you've probably wondered yourself many times. The correct answer to this question will hand you the keys to the Promised Land, while the wrong answer will lead you to financial ruin. It doesn't matter what the markets do or if the economy crashes, if you know the correct answer to this question, none of it will matter...your business success will increase while everyone else's decreases. Truth be told, I spend more time and energy investigating the answer to THIS question more than anything else I do...and that includes Public Domain research.

Can you guess what this all-powerful, "mystical" question is?

Simply put, the question is this:

What are the best niche markets to sell in?

If you get this answer to this question right, you'll have NO worries...but chances are likely that you are getting it wrong right now.

The other day, one of my mentors e-mailed me an article on the downfall of America's economy and asked me what I thought. After I responded, he sent me this question: "So I assume you're thinking of some way to turn this to your business advantage, right?" Here is how I answered (pay attention to this):

I have been of the first steps I've been taking is to identify the core non-essential "needs" that people are still going to want whether the economy tanks or not. There ALWAYS are those "necessities" and escapes that people spend money on.... So I'm still researching the trends and then plan to stand right smack in the middle of that flow. If you jump into the middle of a flowing river, it's likely that you'll get wet...grin...hell of a lot easier than trying to create your own river!

After our discussion, I realized that the best way to increase my own chances for identifying those niche "rivers" was to find a proven expert...someone who knows and understands how to identify the best niches to dive into...and who doesn't shovel out the "piles of information crap" so many marketers toss out these days. Then I remembered Eric.

Chances are likely that you've never heard of Eric Farewell unless you're already a successful marketer online. Eric is a behind-the-scenes genius when it comes to niche markets and conversions. He's the best...which is why he has worked on nearly every major launch that's happened over the past few years. Here's the problem I faced...Eric is virtually unreachable. He doesn't take calls...he doesn't follow you on Twitter...he doesn't respond to e-mails...but he's the best there is for picking niches. So I began to work on getting hold of this "kid" who is young enough to be my son. My persistence paid off...sort of.

I DID speak to Eric and told him why I wanted his help. He was distracted, but gracious...and I was encouraged until he told me what it would cost me to access him for just a few hours... $5,000 per month. Thank God I was sitting down...I nearly spit out my water. I thanked Eric for his time and told him that I hoped to hire him one day. That was that...I was extremely disappointed. Disappointed that is until a few days ago.

Out of the blue, Eric called me and said he wanted to do something that he's never done before...he wanted to produce a teleseminar series on how to pick the best niche markets... and he wanted to do the series with me! I was speechless...flabbergasted actually. When I asked why he wanted to work with me, he said that it was something that felt right about it and that he had wanted to produce a series like this for a while now. He also acknowledge that the niche market research fit perfectly with the work I was doing with the Public Domain. I quickly (and greedily) agreed.

We quickly realized that if we marry Eric's powerful ability to pick the perfect niche markets together with my ability to tap into the wealth of the Public Domain, MAGIC happens! I told Eric flat out, "Look...I am SO tired of marketers always telling us "what" to do but never "how!" He agreed. So we outlined the strategies and systems we use for choosing the best niches and producing the content for those niches from the Public Domain. These SAME strategies and systems are the same necessary techniques you NEED to learn as well.

Hey Tony & Eric–

Wow, a blow away call on niche tools. Couldn’t write down the information fast enough...I’m in this “full time” so I’m all ears. Thank you again–I’m a raving fan!

--Nanette Circo

In this 3-Part Teleseminar Series, Eric and I reveal:

How to identify the success indicators for a good Niche Market?

When is a market too crowded and competitive?

How to determine whether the niche will be profitable for you?

How to effortlessly break into any niche?

Should you "follow your passion" or "follow the money trail"?

How to dominate niches both online AND offline.

Actual examples of great niches to target and what makes them great?

Eric's SECRET 5-5-5 Rule & how it will help you succeed in your niche!

Eric and I ALSO share:

What are the best types of products to sell in these niches?

Where to find the BEST Public Domain content for your niches?

How to chose the best price for your products to maximize the profits from your niche?

How to maximize your niche by re-purposing content in different forms?

What are the essential tools you need to be sucessful in any niche?

And MUCH, MUCH more!


Discover Expert Niche Strategies for Yourself!

The formula that Eric and I share in Expert Niche Strategies is NOT a theory or some fluffer butter, flaky strategy that will only work for two people...NO...we follow this EXACT strategy ourselves because we've proven that it works, over and over again. When you combine the smart niche research, proven product creation and and the 5-5-5 launch rule, you end up with an easy-to-follow, successful system that will help you hit product homeruns again and again!

Here's what to do next...

When you invest in the 3-part Expert Niche Strategies Teleseminar, you will receive:

All Three Audio Recordings in MP3 Format

Transcriptions of All Three Recordings

Homework Assignments to Help You Implement What You Learn

A Start-to-Finish Checklist You Can Use to Develop Your Own Niche Business 

When we taught "Expert Niche Strategies" live, people paid $247 to have access to the Recordings, Transcriptions and Worksheets. You are not going to pay that because Eric and I want to see you have breakthough success in Niche Markets like we have.

Your price today for "Expert Niche Strategies" is just $247 $97

(that's a savings of $150)

YES, Tony and Eric, I want
your breakthrough "Expert
Niche Strategies"!

I will receive all 3 Audios, the Transcripts, the Checklist and the Work Sheets so that my
chances of succeeding online with niche
marketing is increased dramatically!

I understand I will be given INSTANT access to "Expert Niche Strategies" with Eric and Tony for just $247 $97 right now.



Tony Laidig
The Public Domain Expert

PS: Chances are likely that this will be the ONLY time Eric and I reveal our proven Niche Marketing Strategies to ANYONE. Don't miss out on this one-time opportunity!


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